Atlas L-Band Signal Subscription prices in US dollars

Atlas H10 Service, Land & Near Shore

H10 1-Month Subscription            $190
H10 1-Season Subscription           $640
H10 1-Year Subscription                $1,280
H10 3-Year Subscription               $3,490
H10 5-Year Subscription               $5,440

Atlas H30 Service, Land & Near Shore

H30 1-Month Subscription            $140
H30 1-Season Subscription           $450
H30 1-Year Subscription               $900
H30 3-Year Subscription               $2,460
H30 5-Year Subscription               $3,830

Atlas Basic Service, Land & Near Shore

Atlas Basic, Activation (Lifetime of Receiver)         $750

Atlas H10 service is worldwide and up to 20 kilometres offshore, unless otherwise stated.

Atlas Basic service gets around 30cm accuracy when all satellite constellations are received.