Navaid is short for Navigation Aid, a term used widely in the Maritime and Aviation Industries. The premier electronic navaid of today is the GPS / GNSS receiver, which is now a common utility that is used for a diverse range of applications.

We sell and hire GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) equipment for survey work and general navigation. We also sell and hire Satellite phones and communicator devices that track your location and can send messages. Also sold and hired are emergency locating beacons and radios.

We have been in business since 1995 providing GNSS and communication equipment and services to exploration and mining companies, government departments and the general public. With our hands on experience and knowledge we can provide the best equipment to suit your requirements.

We can provide consultants for projects that require accurate surveying and we have worked with many Mining and Engineering companies both in Australia and internationally. More on our company and field services in the ‘About Us’ page on our affiliate company’s web site ‘Down Under Surveys’.