Photography and Near Infrared images from Fixed wing UAV

Our fixed wing UAV is called the ‘SmartOne’ from It has a reputation for reliability and producing outstanding quality photos, 16.2 megapixel from a large APS-C CMOS sensor, along the predesigned flight path. With a typical mission altitude of 200m above ground level; these high resolution photos will cover a 2.5km by 2.5km area from each sortie.

Once launched the full functionality of the on-board software takes over and the mission begins. After completing the photo mission the plane returns to its start position for landing. Once the data is downloaded; the Aerial Mapping software automatically produces a georeferenced high-resolution photo mosaic of the area.

This photo mosaic can be then checked on the spot to check for completeness of overlapping imagery. Once happy with the quality and coverage the image data is exported into our processing software for image rectification and creation of 3D spatial data.

The Near Infrared sensor is a multichannel detector with a few spectral bands. Each channel is sensitive to radiation within a narrow wavelength band. The resulting image is a multilayer image which contains both the brightness and spectral (colour) information of the targets being observed. It provides an ideal image for the agriculture and environmental sectors where plant species and health can more easily be identified.

Our trained operators can easily travel with either a fixed wing or multirotor UAV as regular luggage on commercial flights. This greatly assists in mobilisation and keeping costs to a minimum. Only one operator is required for a project as the equipment is easy to put together in the field and is able to be hand launched. The operator will have spare equipment so that most repairs can be carried out on site to minimise down time.

Please contact our office for more information on this service and for price on this service.

Near Infrared image for plant classification
Contours over a stock pile – volume survey